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Halton Off Road Riders Association(HORRA) has had to postpone the Terra Nova Enduro from its August 31 date, until, hopefully, October 19. 

The event takes place in Mulmur (and prior to 2013, Mono) township of Dufferin County, and in a couple of townships of Simcoe County. Since 1976, both Mono and Mulmur townships have had 'no racing, no rallies(motorized)' by-laws. I had been aware of the Mono by-law because as a rookie club member in the 80s, I had heard that the township really didn't have the jam to test their by-law against the Terra Nova, so we carried on year after year. Only this past spring did I hear that Mulmur had virtually the same by-law. Mulmur tracked us down the week before the Mansfield XC and told us that to go ahead with the XC put us in violation of their by-law. They conceded that it was too late to cancel or move the event, so said that they would monitor us this one time, but don't expect to defy us again without facing the full force of the by-law. 

Well now the good council of Mulmur has advised us and OO, via registered letter, that if we go ahead with the Terra Nova, they will enforce their by-law, including getting an injunction, which the OPP would enforce, to stop us. We are not so sure that that would actually happen, but we would rather work with the township to see if we can get an exemption of some kind. We also don't want to have riders coming from New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec, or any significant distance, only to face police harassment. We also don't want to jeopardize our land owners. 

In the next month plus we will be trying to work with Mulmur to save this great event. We will also be looking at the viability of moving totally into Simcoe County, but that would mean losing a great new start area and three test sections. We present to Mulmur council on Wednesday August 6 at 1:30 PM. If you are in the area and can attend, please do and let me know.

We will do our best to preserve this event in its traditional location. Either way we plan to have an enduro October 19, 2014. Stay tuned.

Rick Day



HORRA Mansfield Cross Country Race was a huge Success. Thanks to all the Riders, Volunteers and Club members for helping us make this race happen.






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